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Stuff Cancer was born at my kitchen table when my husband I discussed how we could do more to support patients and their families as they battle cancer. Cancer becomes a family disease and it takes on a life of its own as the patient fights the disease and family rallies to assist with doctor appointments, care, and lifting the spirit. This is a true passion project and here’s why:

The year before my wedding, my grandfather was diagnosed with cancer. He fought bravely and went into remission, but it greatly affected his life. During his hospital stay, my grandfather received a small teddy bear that my grandmother still has in their home to this day.

Then, when I was twenty-five years old and coming up on my one year wedding anniversary as well as finishing my second year of teaching, I began experiencing chronic pelvic and lower back pain. Much to my dismay, none of my gynecologists could figure out why. Unfortunately, what I found out at the start of summer was that I had a grapefruit size mass on my ovary that attached to my tube and surrounding organs. I went in for emergency surgery unsure if I would wake up with a full-hysterectomy or worse, cancer. I was sliced straight down my abdomen and faced eight weeks of recovery. When pathology came back, I was diagnosed with a Borderline Ovarian Tumor. This was NOT a cyst. This was not a FIBROID. This was a tumor. While not full-blown cancer, the tumor had malignant properties with enough weight to be classified as a type of Ovarian Cancer. Years later, I am still watched closely by doctors.

Shortly after I recovered, my aunt was diagnosed with Leukemia. She was a fighter and so brave throughout her journey. She developed many infections and required two bone marrow transplants. Throughout her hospital stays, everything needed to be sterile, which meant no sweet treats and no fresh flowers. Her source of physical comfort was a cozy blanket and pictures of my son hanging brightly on her wall.

Stuff Cancer Bear is my tribute to her, my dedication to my grandfather, and a personal reminder of my inner strength to persevere. This bear and its friends are on a mission to spread a universal message of coming together to provide comfort to cancer patients while supporting charities that directly impact patient care.

It is my hope that the STUFF CANCER line will spread smiles across the nation to those battling cancers, those that survived cancer, and those that have family members affected by cancer.

For every animal purchased, we will donate an animal to a patient undergoing treatment.

What I am asking of you: In order to gain nationwide support, I need EVERYONE to PLEASE – follow us on social media and share our message with your friends and family.



I am forever grateful for my friends and family that held me up when I was undergoing surgery and recovery and I am eternally grateful to the friends that steadied me when I lost my aunt and continue to let me speak about her whenever I need to and for those beautiful people that held my hand when I suddenly lost my grandpa. You are the reason that I am able to rally in the face of adversity and pay it forward with Stuff Cancer.



Cimberly Kolins Molbegat